YOKOHAMA TYRES – Queensland report

YOKOHAMA TYRES – Queensland report

Results after a morning of practice with the long awaited Yokohama tyres at QR on Saturday morning.

The following is a brief summary of what was found on Eddie McFaul’s car

Ride Height

Front under tray                                                          +11mm

Lowest point at the rear(under sump)                         -7mm

Car setup

I went to the track prepared to make major setup changes based on what has been widely circulated. The setup from last year worked with no major change required. We made minor changes that you’d make at any practice day prior to a race meeting.

Tyre Pressure

Pressure around the pressure used with the Hoosier will get the tyre up to the operating temperature range specified by Yokohama.


While I didn’t do a run on the Hoosier prior to going out on the Yokohama the steering didn’t feel any heavier. If it was heavier it was not excessive so no problem will be experienced over race distance.


Based on logged data from my dash, top speed down the back straight was down about 5KPH.

The engine RPM increased from 5360 to 5440RPM. Less than 100RPM.

Lap times

I didn’t do back to back testing but my lap times were about 1 second slower than a typical lap time on the Hoosier.

In general the tyres were consistent and predictable allowing for consistent lap times with minimal setup change. I was intending to do further testing at Lakeside next weekend but due to the performance of the new spec tyre I feel this is unnecessary.

So in summary the testing and car setup was a non event. Get the Yokohama tyre on and get racing.

With thanks to Eddie McFaul