Some Race updates from Queensland Raceway 13/14 August

Some updates from Queensland Raceway 13/14 August

Paul Kellaway – Mick Motors
Pole, 1:26.2
Race results – 1st 1st 2nd, race red flagged lap 10 1st, and 1st
Thrilled with performance of car, some tyre wear troubling in fast corners but otherwise good. Brilliant close battles with Greg Wood with passing continuously. Close, hard, fair competition at front in all five races.

David Hedemann (Car 21)
Qualified 4th
Race Results 6th DNF 6th 3rd
“Race Two – contact with cars 10 and 4 (only minor damage but DNF race)
Battle for third in Race 4 with cars 56 and 12. Multiple overtaking by all three cars before holding others out for the last lap and a half to take third”

Alex Hedemann (Car 44)
Qualified 9th
Results 7th 8th 5th 8th
No third gear but still managed to lap consistently in 1.28-1.29’s using only 4th gear. Still had a great time.

Warick Gifford Zport Skincare
“I acted in the role of DSO for the weekend as my race cars were not available.
The racing from where I saw it was good and clean upfront and some good mid field battles as well. I congratulate Paul Kellway for his excellent driving and beautiful car presentation. All the race cars presented very well ( except for David and Alex Hedeman… they need some paint boys) and I thank everyone for turning up.”

More results may be updated.
A reminder to all drivers to send in your race updates using the link provided and please feel free to send in pictures.