Final pointscore results for 2017

While the club championship may have been wrapped up by Curtis Porter the Cams State Championship was still very much alive.

Curtis Porter won the first two races leaving the CAMS championship to be decided in the last race of the season. Paul Kellaway won the last race giving him enough points to retain the CAMS Queensland title.

Points for the round and club championship are as below.

Round 7 Points
Curtis Porter 86
Paul Kellaway 83
Greg Wood 62
Alex Hedemann 60
David Hedemann 58
Eddie Mcfaul 43
Scott Andrew 43
Adam White 30

Championship Points
Curtis Porter 620
Alex Hedemann 475
Greg Wood 451
Paul Kellaway 365
Scott Andrew 309
Eddie Mcfaul 299
Ken Filbey 293
David Hedemann 249
Adam White 219
Ted Sibley 140
Clinton Leibinger 94
Alan Don 39
Bruce Acheson 14
Brendan Gorman 0
David Starr 0
Luke Gifford 0
Neil Sivyer 0
Warick Gifford 0