How to get started

Ignite your motor racing career today! Getting started might seem daungting, but with the correct information, direction and contacts its a straight-forward process.Getting Started process overview:

1. Contact the club.

2. Set a budget for startup and operation

A mentor will be assigned to help you throughout the process

Determine a setup budget for race-car purchase, trailer, tow vehicle if your current vehicle isn’t suitable (most trailer/race-car combinations total 1500kg), drivers apparrel and licencing.

Then decide the number of events you wish to compete at, as this will determine your operating budget required.Membership and Licensing: FVAQ club membership is required to be eligible for Championship points.

Full membership of FVAQ is currently $100 pa. . A car club membership (such as the FVAQ) is a prerequisite to gaining a CAMS racing licence.CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) regulates, manages, licences and insures most racing in Australia. The majority of Formula Vee events are licenced by CAMS, therefore requiring a CAMS National Circuit Racing licence to compete. It can be obtained from the age of 14 and, put simply, begins by gaining a provisional racing licence by demonstrating an understanding of rules and procedures (via online exam), an observed driving test and a medical examination. Full details can be found on their website (

A small number of events are licenced by AASA (Australian Auto Sports Alliance), essentially at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside. Drivers who hold a CAMS licence can race at these AASA events simply with a AASA temporary permit. However, if you do not have a CAMS Licence you can compete at these tracks by gaining a AASA National licence. AASA has a similar licensing application system to CAMS. Licensing details are here: go to ‘All Dates & Forms’ followed by ‘Licence Application Forms’.Basically, to compete in the entire QLD Championship and interstate events you will need a CAMS licence