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Round 3 of the FVAQ Championship was held at Morgan Park in Warwick in beautiful winter weather, cool mornings, warm days and cloudless skies.
Rain in the days proceeding had washed the track clean of rubber so grip levels, and lap times were down.
Qualifying saw Garry Hook take pole with Alex Hedemann less than 0.5 seconds behind. Following up were David Hedemann, Andrew Scott, Gerry Van de Pol and Alan Don.
Race 1 saw Alex take the lead into turn 1 with Garry just centimetres behind. Scotty also got the jump on David showing that the outside of the track was the place to be. Garry slipped past Alex to take the lead on the first lap where he stayed till the end. Alex was content to sit behind for a while constantly showing his nose to Garry and finally made a move into Gumtree (turn 4) but problems with his brakes saw him lock his rear wheels and depart the track backwards relegating him to last. However, he managed to claw his way back to fourth in the remaining few laps. Meanwhile Scott and David changed positions half a dozen times with David ultimately taking second place by less than a second from Scott who placed third, Alex fourth, Gerry 5th and Alan 6th. Garry took the fastest lap by less than a tenth over David with Alex a hundredth behind that.
Race 2 started early Sunday morning with the temperatures still in single digits and a cloudless sky. Garry led into the first corner with Alex making a blinder of a start, jumping from 4th to 2nd before the end of the start straight. Alex applied pressure early but Garry covered hard to keep him behind. Eventually though, a better run onto the back straight saw Alex take the lead. Meanwhile David and Scott were at it again, swapping positions on multiple occasions. Garry slipped back past Alex at Gumtree, Alex around the outside through the sweeper, and Garry back again at turn 9 (follow through) in the closing laps to take his second win by less than 2 tenths of a second from Alex. Third was Scott then David, Gerry and Alan. Fastest lap was taken by Scott by around 2 tenths from both Garry and Alex.
Race 3 was held in the middle of the day with temps in the mid 20’s and full sun on the track. The start saw Garry and Alex head into turn 1 and 2 side by side with Garry having the inside line so eventually coming out in front as they headed up under the bridge. David beat Scott of the mark and slotted into third with Scott 4th, Gerry 5th and Alan 6th. Lap 2 saw Garry covering on the main straight so Alex, with the benefit of the draft, moved to overtake on the outside. The pair entered turn 1 side by side, stayed wheel to wheel through turn 2 with Alex edging ahead up under the bridge. However Garry did an over and under move through Gumtree which again saw them side by side though Siberia and up the short straight and into the T junction. Alex hit the inside kerb at T Junction which unsettled the rear of his car allowing Garry to finally take back the lead in a move that lasted half a lap without contact! You can watch this action in a short video “Wheel to Wheel” on our Facebook page.
Garry’s lead was short lived however, with Alex getting a good run through the Esses onto the front straight on the very next lap allowing him to complete a clean pass before turn 1. Alex managed to pull ahead and, with a comfortable gap, controlled the rest of the race. Scott moved past David and challenged Garry for several laps but was unable to get past, eventually dropping back to 4th for the finish behind Garry and David. Gerry and Alan finished in their usual positions. Scott again got the fastest lap, but about 1 tenth of a second separated the top 4 drivers best laps so it was a close call.
Race 4 started at 3.30pm with the sun low in the sky and temperatures starting to fall. An electrical problem in parc ferme just before heading out onto the track saw Garry record a DNS. The start saw Alex first into turn 1 and he led the race from start to finish. Scott beat David off the mark and he stayed in second for the first half of the race. A good run through the Esses and the benefit of the draught eventually saw David slip into second where he got onto the tail of Alex but was never able to challenge for the lead, finishing 4 tenths behind followed by Scott, Gerry and Alan. Thanks to the tow from Alex, David managed to post the fastest lap by 3 hundredths of a second over Alex.

Final scores for the weekend were :-
Alex Hedemann105
David Hedemann93
Scott Andrew88
Garry Hook87
Gerry Van de Pol72
Alan Don68



Driver Points
Alex Hedemann105
David Hedemann 93
Scott Andrew 88
Garry Hook 87
Gerry Van de Pol 72
Alan Don68


Queensland Raceway was the venue for round 2 FVAQ State Series. Steve Butcher made the journey from Sydney to get some practice for the upcoming Nationals Challenge. Steve hit the track and quickly with some great times and put the pressure on the Queensland drivers right from qualifying.
Morning qualifying saw Steve 2 seconds clear of Garry Hook with Alex Hedemann 3rd and Scott Andrew close in behind in 4th. With some damp weather adding to the weekend on Saturday and a fine clear day on Sunday, the weekend of contrasts delivered some great driving and some close battles right across the racing field.

Sunday saw an early departure from Steve as he headed back to Sydney missing races 3 and 4. With some late setup changes to new rooky Jerry’s car for Race 3, his times dropped and he laid some impressive times for his second only meeting.
Overall credit to Garry Hook, Alex Hedemann and Scott Andrew for taking the weekend 1,2 and 3 respectively and thanks to all drivers and their crews participating.

Race 1 saw the wet weather close in as forecast just prior to the start making for a full wet track. QR was the venue for round 2 FVAQ State Series. Alex Hedemann jumped ahead of Steve and Garry at turn 1 and had a handy gap for first half of the race. As Steve and Garry became more comfortable with the wet conditions they began to close the gap and mid-way through the race Alex lost his comfortable lead spinning at turn 1 dropping him to 4th leaving Garry and Steve and driving a very controlled race. Garry managed to maintain the gap taking the win.
Race 2 had Garry Hook on pole Steve Butcher beside him with Alex 3rd. The front row made a better start this time and had a comfortable gap over Alex in 3rd followed by David Hedemann and Brady Nicholls not far behind matching the leaders pace early on. As the race continued the three at the front picked up the pace and Garry and Steve began swapping positions allowing Alex to close the gap making a close three way battle to the finish with Alex setting the fastest lap of the race. Steve got the better of Garry with Alex passing David in the closing stages to claim 3rd. Brady dropped out of the battle for 4th spinning at turn 2 dropping him back to 7th.

Sunday started with clear skies and no more rain forecast.
Race 3 had Garry Hook on front row on his own as Steve Butcher departed back to Sydney due to work commitments. With a great start by all, Alex Hedemann, David Hedemann Scott Andrews all challenged Garry into the first corner. The lead changed several times throughout the race with Garry Scott and Alex all having a turn at the front. This battle continued to the end of the race with Alex winning from Garry and a close Scott 3rd over the line. Scott took full advantage of a slipstream to take the fastest lap of the race. Further back in the field Brady Nicholls lost some time battling with Bruce Acheson and Gerrit Van De Pol improving his lap times by 2 seconds.
Race 4 had Alex and Garry on the front row and Scott and David behind them. After a fairly even start, turn three saw some grief with some brake lockups on entry and contract between Brady and David both going off on to the causing a 3 lap clamp- down. David was able to re-join the race with Brady retiring with a bent steering arm and damaged pride. This separation and clampdown made it a race at the front between Garry and Alex. As is the policy at QR, the 3 laps were added to the race distance. At the restart this pair battled to the end with Garry timing his final lap to perfection to take the win and the round.

• Garry Hook 1st

• Alex Hedemann 2nd

• Scott Andrew 3rd.

A special mention to a number of people that contributed to making this a great weekend for Formula Vee Queensland. Our many thanks to Ken Taylor for is participation as our DSO in the tower and his work in the pits over the weekend assisting many drivers with this cars and setup. Lou Taylor for her efforts running the lunchtime BBQ both Saturday and Sunday, also to Garry Hook for providing those delicious snags. A thankyou goes out to Steve Butcher for making the trip from Sydney to join us for the weekend, we enjoyed having you with us both on and off the track, please come back again soon.
Thanks to all those drivers, crews and partners for joining us Trackside and making this a fantastic weekend.



Driver Points
Garry Hook 112
Alex Hedemann100
Scott Andrew 79
David Hedemann 76
Bruce Acheson 66
Gerry Van de Pol 58
Brady Nicholls 50


Rain is not the word to describe the downpour that hit Morgan Park for qualify on Saturday. The inch of water flowing over the ground suspended racing during the day and reduced Q1 to only 4 laps. None the less, times were logged and the grid was set for racing which lead to a superb weekend with some very competitive driving.

Gary Hook, one of our newest FVAQ members coming from FVNSW, lifted the level of racing with his south of the border race craft make the front pack work for their results across the weekend.

Race 1 on Saturday had Garry Hook, David Hedemann and Alex Hedemann take positions one two and three respectively, setting the tone for the weekend. David Hedemann taking fastest lap for the race. Race 2 had Alex Hedemann cross the line with Gary Hook and David Hedemann in quick succession following, Alex knocking out David for fastest lap. Race three completing the weekend had Alex, Gary and David once again take the flag with positions 1,2 and 3 respectively with David posting the quickest lap for the race.




Driver Points
Alex Hedemann 83
Garry Hook 80
David Hedemann 72
Scott Andrew 60
Brady Nicholls 52
Bruce Acheson 50
Gerrit Van de Pol 42
Alan Don 39
Neil Sivyer 36
David Dumolo 11