Pointscore after Morgan Park September 2018

Round 4 of the Club championship saw 3 members returning after not racing for a while. Bruce Acheson, Neil Sivyer and Ken Taylor.

A wet qualifying saw a Hedemann family front row lock out with Alex getting his first pole position.

Round and Championship points are as below.

Round 4 points
Paul Kellaway 121
Eddie McFaul 97
David Hedemann 84
Scott Andrew 72
Alex Hedemann 65
Bruce Acheson 60
KenTaylor 56
Neil Sivyer 42

Championship Points
Paul Kellaway 323
David Hedemann 248
Eddie McFaul 247
Alan Don 194
Alex Hedemann 191
Scott Andrew 148
Curtis Porter 125
Paul Manteit 116
Ken Filbey 90
Bruce Acheson 60
Ken Taylor 56
Ted Sibley 44
Neil Sivyer 42
Clinton Leibinger 18

Final pointscore results for 2017

While the club championship may have been wrapped up by Curtis Porter the Cams State Championship was still very much alive.

Curtis Porter won the first two races leaving the CAMS championship to be decided in the last race of the season. Paul Kellaway won the last race giving him enough points to retain the CAMS Queensland title.

Points for the round and club championship are as below.

Round 7 Points
Curtis Porter 86
Paul Kellaway 83
Greg Wood 62
Alex Hedemann 60
David Hedemann 58
Eddie Mcfaul 43
Scott Andrew 43
Adam White 30

Championship Points
Curtis Porter 620
Alex Hedemann 475
Greg Wood 451
Paul Kellaway 365
Scott Andrew 309
Eddie Mcfaul 299
Ken Filbey 293
David Hedemann 249
Adam White 219
Ted Sibley 140
Clinton Leibinger 94
Alan Don 39
Bruce Acheson 14
Brendan Gorman 0
David Starr 0
Luke Gifford 0
Neil Sivyer 0
Warick Gifford 0

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Pointscore after Round 6 2017

After a hot weekend with high attrition the round points for the club championship are as below.

Round 6 points
Curtis Porter 113
Alex Hedemann 105
Eddie Mcfaul 70
Greg Wood 66
Ken Filbey 61
Ted Sibley 60
Adam White 40
Scott Andrew 34
David Hedemann 18
Bruce Acheson 14



Club Championship
Curtis Porter 534
Alex Hedemann 415
Greg Wood 389
Ken Filbey 293
Paul Kellaway 282
Scott Andrew 266
Eddie Mcfaul 256
David Hedemann 191
Adam White 189
Ted Sibley 140
Clinton Leibinger 94
Alan Don 39
Bruce Acheson 14

The club championship points after Round 4

The club championship points after round 4 are as below.


Round  4 Points
Curtis Porter 117
Greg Wood 98
Alex Hedemann 96
Ken Filbey 76
Scott Andrew 70
Eddie Mcfaul 56
David Hedemann 28
Adam White 16
Paul Kellaway 0




Club Championship
Curtis Porter 345
Greg Wood 261
Alex Hedemann 246
Scott Andrew 190
Paul Kellaway 189
Eddie Mcfaul 186
Ken Filbey 182
David Hedemann 134
Adam White 102
Ted Sibley 80
Clinton Leibinger 53
Alan Don 39

Round points and club Pointscore updated 21 May 2017

The points after a hard fought Round 3 of the FVAQ championship.

Round 3 Points
Paul Kellaway 113
Curtis Porter 112
Alex Hedemann 82
Ken Filbey 74
Eddie Mcfaul 68
Greg Wood 64
Scott Andrew 57
Clinton Leibinger 53
David Hedemann 49
Ted Sibley 43
Alan Don 39
Adam White 24

Club Championship
Curtis Porter 228
Paul Kellaway 189
Greg Wood 163
Alex Hedemann 150
Eddie Mcfaul 130
Scott Andrew 120
David Hedemann 106
Ken Filbey 106
Adam White 86
Ted Sibley 80
Clinton Leibinger 53
Alan Don 39

News Article – YEAR OF DOMINANCE: Bundy’s Paul Kellaway takes out state titles


YEAR OF DOMINANCE: Bundy’s Paul Kellaway

takes out state titles

18th April 2017 8:36 AM
NUMBER ONE: Paul Kellaway Starts the season with his new number after a successful finish to 2016.CHAMP: Paul Kellaway starts the season with his new number after a successful finish to 2016 where he won three state titles. Paul Donaldson BUN130417VEE1

MOTORSPORT: “It was the best year of motorsport I have ever had.”

When Bundaberg’s Paul Kellaway describes his season of racing in the Queensland Formula Vee racing series it is easy to see why he says that.

The racer, who now dons number one on his car this year, won three state titles in an almost flawless year of racing.

Competing in open wheelers using Volkswagen engines he won 21 races out of 22 in six rounds.

His only blemish was a race at the Queensland Raceway which was stopped four laps before the finish because of a red flag.

In the end he won the Confederation of Australia Motorsport state championship, the Queensland Racing Drivers Association Formula Vee title with the Formula Vee championship.

“We won every race in the CAMS and QRDA championship and 21 overall,” he explained.

“I was really pleased with the way I drove though and the car had pace.

“Despite the success it was a hard battle and I like to think I got lucky at times that season.”

He also credits a break in 2015 for motivating him to come back to his best.

“We had to rebuild the car after an accident bent all four corners of the car,” he said.

“It allowed us to make sure everything was right in the car.”

And it was during his season of dominance.

“It just did what we wanted it to do,” he said.

“It was a tough decision to take six months off in 2015 but it was the right choice.”

Now Kellaway is focused on going back-to-back this year and continuing his run.

But in the first round of the championship that didn’t go to plan.

Engine problems at Lakeside earlier this month saw the racer struggle and finish third for the round.

He is now 40 points behind the leader.

“We’ll get those engine problems sorted out,” he said.

“There’s still significant time in the series and we will be fine.”

Kellaway said he wouldn’t be where he was without sponsors Mick’s Motors, Egan Tyre and Mechanical and Active Security Group.

The next round of the series will be held in Morgan Park next month.

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Updated Point Score April 2017

Points after the second round of the club championship.

Curtis Porter 116
Greg Wood 99
Paul Kellaway 76
Alex Hedemann 68
Scott Andrew 63
Adam White 62
Eddie Mcfaul 62
David Hedemann 57
Ted Sibley 37
Ken Filbey 32
Brendan Gorman 0
Clinton Leibinger 0

Points in the FVAQ Club Championship have been awarded as follows to placegetters in each race

Place Points
1 – 30
2 – 25
3 – 22
4 – 20
5 – 18
6 – 16
7 – 14
8 – 13
9 – 12
10 – 11
11 – 10
12 – 9
13 – 8
14 – 7
15 – 6
16 – 5
17 – 4
18 – 3
19 – 2
20 – 1

– Points have only been awarded to drivers classified as finishers in the final results of each race.

– In addition to the above, one (1) point has been awarded to the driver that achieves the fastest lap time in the Qualifying session.

– In addition to the above, one (1) point has been awarded to the driver that achieves the fastest lap time in each Race.

Lakeside Race report 1st and 2nd April 2017

Race report by Bruce Acheson

After some of the heaviest rain in Queensland for several years, the weekend of racing at Lakeside Park was certainly at risk, despite the forecast for fine weather on Saturday and Sunday.
On Thursday, photos of the track under water were being distributed, further adding to the gloom.

pic: Matthew Paul Photography
pic: Matthew Paul Photography

Surprisingly, the sun appeared on Friday and practice went ahead, almost as normal.

Saturday was fine as predicted and racing got under way with a few less competitors than we had hoped for. Several interstate drivers decided not to risk the weather forecast and went to Wakefield Park instead. With most drivers around two seconds slower than last year in qualifying, Curtis Porter surprised everyone with a 62.5 to take pole with Paul Kellaway half a second behind and Greg Wood another half second slower.

Race one was the subject of a re-start after an accident on the first lap ended Brendan Gorman’s weekend. He was unhurt but the car was badly damaged. The second attempt saw the ten lap race end without further incident and an exciting finish, with the first two cars across the line separated by one tenth of a second. First place Curtis Porter. Second, Greg Wood. Third, Paul Kellaway.

Race two was incident free with most competitors getting their lap times within a second of their previous best. Paul Kellaway was back at his usual spot at the front, however he was being closely followed by Curtis, who finished one hundredth of a second behind. Greg Wood was third.
Unfortunately there were DNFs for Gary Hook and Ted Sibley.

Sunday was fine and cloudy with no sign of the recent rain. After a couple of compliance checks, racing was under way, with another ten-lapper. In race three there way two DNFs, this time it was Ken Filbey and Paul Kellaway. The finishing order saw Eddie McFaul move up to third and Alex Hedemann to fourth. As in all previous races, there was some close racing in the mid-field between Scott Andrew, Adam White, David Hedemann and Wayne Hamilton. The first three across the line were Curtis Porter, Greg Wood and Eddie Mc Faul.

The twelve lap final saw Ted Sibley still struggling with a misfire, the mid-field swapping positions regularly and a great drive from Paul Kellaway, starting last and finishing third. There was an incident on lap six, in which the cars of Eddie McFaul and Ken Filbey collided at ‘Hungry Corner’, tangling wheels and heading into the shrubbery, resulting in two more DNFs.
Curtis Porter won race four as well as top points (116) for the weekend. Greg Wood was second, likewise in Club Points (99) while Paul Kellaway was third on both counts. Alex Hedemann had a good weekend with fourth overall.

Many thanks to Ken Taylor for volunteering to do the DSO’s job on both days and a big thank you to our interstate visitors for making the trip north.

Notice: Race meeting dates have changed

Due to the resurfacing of Morgan Park over the off season, the first meeting of the year was postponed and now cancelled as there is no way to reschedule it.

The CAMS state championship will now be 3 rounds

Round 1      20/21 May
Round 2      2/3 September
Round 3      2/3 December  (Was September 23/24)

Queensland Raceway  dates unchanged 8-9 July and 28-29 Oct

Lakeside is unchanged on 1-2 April

The combination of 3 CAMS rounds and the 3 AASA rounds makes up our Club Championship


YOKOHAMA TYRES – Queensland report

YOKOHAMA TYRES – Queensland report

Results after a morning of practice with the long awaited Yokohama tyres at QR on Saturday morning.

The following is a brief summary of what was found on Eddie McFaul’s car

Ride Height

Front under tray                                                          +11mm

Lowest point at the rear(under sump)                         -7mm

Car setup

I went to the track prepared to make major setup changes based on what has been widely circulated. The setup from last year worked with no major change required. We made minor changes that you’d make at any practice day prior to a race meeting.

Tyre Pressure

Pressure around the pressure used with the Hoosier will get the tyre up to the operating temperature range specified by Yokohama.


While I didn’t do a run on the Hoosier prior to going out on the Yokohama the steering didn’t feel any heavier. If it was heavier it was not excessive so no problem will be experienced over race distance.


Based on logged data from my dash, top speed down the back straight was down about 5KPH.

The engine RPM increased from 5360 to 5440RPM. Less than 100RPM.

Lap times

I didn’t do back to back testing but my lap times were about 1 second slower than a typical lap time on the Hoosier.

In general the tyres were consistent and predictable allowing for consistent lap times with minimal setup change. I was intending to do further testing at Lakeside next weekend but due to the performance of the new spec tyre I feel this is unnecessary.

So in summary the testing and car setup was a non event. Get the Yokohama tyre on and get racing.

With thanks to Eddie McFaul

NOTICE: The round at Morgan Park on March 11/12 has been postponed.


The round at Morgan Park on March 11/12 has been postponed

Due to problems encountered with the resurfacing of the circuit at Morgan Park the season opening round on the 11th and 12th of March has been postponed.

The Warwick District Sporting Car Club are attempting to reschedule the event. At this time we have not been advised of the revised date or if the meeting will actually go ahead.

I will update you as soon as more information comes to hand.

CAMS State Championship 2016 results – Congratulations Paul Kellaway!

Here are the final points from the 2016 CAMS Formula Vee Queensland state championship.
Only rounds at CAMS tracks apply to this – so Morgan Park is the track involved.
See also the club championship which includes AASA tracks (Queensland Raceway and Lakeside)

Paul Kellaway 278
Greg Wood 199
Eddie Mcfaul 170
Ken Filbey 160
Scott Andrew 147
Alex Hedeman 117
Bruce Acheson 102
Ted Sibley 80
Clinton Liebinger 79
Curtis Porter 75
Gary Hook 46
David Hedeman 39
Ken Taylor 38
Adam White 37
Alan Don 35
Warick Gifford 13
David Star 12
Neil Sivyer 10

FVAQ Championship results for 2016

Well done to Paul, Eddie and Greg in the club championship.

Paul Kellaway 672
Eddie McFaul 432
Greg Wood 420
Ken Filbey 379
Scott Andrew 326
Bruce Acheson 299
Clinton Leibinger 213
Alex Hedemann 223
David Hedemann 222
Ted Sibley 208
Curtis Porter 162
Allan Don 115
Neil Siver 76
Brendan Goreman 48
Ken Taylor 38
Warick Gifford 13
Ross Trevor 13
David Starr 12

Thank you to all who raced – we hope you all enjoyed the people and the racing with FVAQ.

FVAQ Pointscore after Morgan Park

Paul Kellaway 578
Eddie McFaul 372
Greg Wood 345
Ken Filbey 313
Scott Andrew 282
Bruce Acheson 245
Ted Sibley 208
Alex Hedemann 182
David Hedemann 180
Clinton Leibinger 175
Curtis Porter 162
Allan Don 115
Neil Siver 76
Brendan Goreman 48
Ken Taylor 38
Warick Gifford 13
Ross Trevor 13
David Starr 12